I Don't Wanna Be A Gryffindor

by Ben Knight

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released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Knight Minot, North Dakota

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Track Name: I Don't Wanna Be A Gryffinddor
This song goes out to any witch or wizard
who’s ever felt like a squib
This is our anthem
Can you hear us

I’m sure you’ve heard about the boy who lived
But have you ever heard of the boy of the boy who lived
If you have I would be shocked, sick of my old man’s fame
Before this song is over you’ll be shouting my name

Albus Severus I’m a wizard that’s true
Named after one head master and potions dude
Don’t get caught up in the hype and keep your thoughts to yourself
I’m just a kid with a wand from Olivander’s shelf


I don’t wanna be
Please don’t make me be
I don’t wanna be, don’t make me be
I don’t wanna be a Gryffindor

Got a C in potions didn’t think it wasn’t nothing
But my teacher called me out and man he started bugging
When your father was here he got an A in my class
I can’t believe a Potter would be this hard to pass

I got up from my seat and I won’t lie it got heated
It was the half-blood prince, that fool he was cheating
I walked out of my class and gave a nod to my teach
The air beneath my broom is too hard to reach

I’m not talking about jealousy, listen to me can’t you see
The shadow of a Potter can put you into delinquency
Voldemort was nothing short of crazy man that snake-faced dork
But when your dad’s a wizard being a muggle’s what you’re wishing for

Now that I’ve had a chance to spread my wings like a hippogriff
Let me get real with all of you for one minute
It’s not about mud blood, it’s not about pure blood
It’s about respect

I’m so sick of all haters chestin' up they all just baiters
Trying throw me off game why it gotta be all that man
Gonna throw the gauntlet down the room of requirement can’t be found
Unless you are in need of it let me tell you where I fit

Never gonna make a dumb horcrux, never gonna win that tri-wizard cup
Never gonna make that liquid luck, not gonna just let myself get stuck
In a house that’s so stuck up, yeah I think I’ve had enough
Yeah I think I’m giving up, gonna join the hufflepuffs
Track Name: I.L.C.F.
Let me tell you a story about a young man.
Who had a love for something he didn't understand.
He was born this way didn't think it strange.
There was nothing he could do there was nothing he could change.

It took a long time to finally come to grips.
With just who he was no need to shy from it.
This world can be so awesome but this world can be cruel.
Won't let it bring him down won't let it play him the fool.

He made his mind up that he would write a song.
To give the voiceless voices to make the weak strong.
To bring it point blank, the haters to an end
Try to give the hurt a little time to mend.

It's time to bring the message it's time to make it clear.
Don't have to hide yourselves don't have a thing to fear.
We've got to rise up its time to make it real.
Just sing it out loud if you feel like I feel.


I love chick flicks they're my first pick.
Rom coms are what make my heart tick.
Not afraid to show it.
I just need to let everybody know it.

I love chick flicks they're what move me.
It's my favorite kind of movie.
There's no need to hide it.
Never gonna get me to deny it.

I guess it all started with Gone With the Wind.
It made a huge impression when I was just 10.
Sure it was black and white but so are the facts.
Ever since that day I haven't ever looked back.

I've been rejected because the way that I feel.
Why can't you see on the screen that this love is for real.
Sometimes it's painful and Hard to forget.
Casting Jennifer Aniston in your movie will cause you regret.

Back in high school tried to win girls it's true.
Holding a boombox over my head like Lloyd Dobbler would do.
In case you're wondering girls don't think it's cool.
When you profess your love to them before the whole school.

These are just moments put into a script.
To make you think that this could happen but it's just a trick.
But that won't stop me from watching all them still.
Turn on the tv ah yeah I'm watchin' Notting Hill.

The Notebook? Oh yeah I've seen that.
You've Got Mail? Oh yeah I've seen that.
The Wedding Planner? Oh yeah I've seen that.
Walk to Remember? Of course I've seen that.

The Holiday? Oh yeah I've seen that.
P.S. I Love You? Oh yeah I've seen that.
Never Been Kissed? Oh yeah I've seen that.
Eat Pray Love?
Track Name: Kanye Western
Sitting on my couch trying to think up rhymes
Watching Tombstone just to pass the time
Fell asleep fast with pen and paper in hand
And had the strangest dream I still don't understand

Riding through the desert with a colt peace maker
Star on my chest like a Texas Ranger
Searching for a one horse town in danger
Looking for a card game do I have any takers

The trail can get rough and a little scary
And if an outlaw steps up I'll be their huckleberry
There's no indoor plumbing but it's temporary
I have a little house that sits out on the prairie

Tryin to strike it rich always panning for gold
If you live to 35 it's like you're 90 years old
Never knew I'd have a fear of the common cold
The sunsets here are a sight to behold


Now I'm stuck in a Kanye Western
How'd I get here on my own
Can't get out of this Kanye Western
Can somebody tell me how to get home, how to get home

An eagle eye I'm not I need glasses to see
But I will regulate any
stealing of your property
I'm what you'd call a pugilist I'm good with my hands
I'd rather be a pacifist but I'll still take a stand

I've never driven cattle but they've been in my view
Outside a drive through window or barbecue
I've got my shotgun in tow and my six shooter strapped
In case a rustler wants to have himself a quick dirt nap

Eatin rattlesnake sleeping under the stars
You can even use the bathroom standing right where you are
But if you're planning a trip I'd take a train of course
It could take you several months if you're riding a horse

Woke up and wondered just what happened to me
Just a dream from frozen pizza and some late night tv
It's a relief but I believe that this reality
Won't hold candles to panhandles if you know what I mean

Hat down boots on aint tryin to be no Don Juan
Just tryin to find some drinking water with the cholera long gone
Eatin buffalo ain't bad unless you've had the kind of cow mad
Livin that way it can really stay in the past cause I like livin life this way
Track Name: That Day
I was ten years old when you came into my life.
You were sitting right there could not believe my eyes.
You were everything I wanted, everything that I'd need.
You were my whole world, all that mattered to me.

We'd spend all day together I'd never leave your side.
Even when we took a pause you'd always be there to guide.
Me through all my levels of childhood.
Sure it wasn't always perfect but it always was good.

Then one day something happened didn't know that it would.
You were gone forever didn't know was for good.
It happened in a flash you were here then you weren't.
I felt so betrayed, you know I felt so hurt.

We all go through seasons of our lives that are cold.
From when we come into this world to when we start to grow old.
But I still remember that day.
It changed my life and I just have to say.

I won't forget about that day. The day the Nintendo died.
You will get over it they say. The day the Nintendo died.

I never saw it coming yeah it came as a shock.
When I hit the power button and you just sat there locked.
On a plain blue screen didn't know what to do.
Man I never thought that this would ever happen to you.

The controller on the ground got back onto my feet.
There'd be no more Duck Hunting no more stages to beat.
No more princess rescuing from castles and spells.
No more Final Fantasies no more stories to tell.

I knew all the right codes that would take me so far.
How about up up down down left right left right B A Start.
Had the zapper it was dapper had the power glove.
The game genie the advantage all the things that I loved.

I turned around and walked away I couldn't look at the screen.
Could not believe that this was really happenin' to me.
So much more than just games.
I knew after that day I'd never be the same.

I won't forget about that day. The day the Nintendo died.
You will get over it they say. The day the Nintendo died.

Now I've grown a little older let the past be the past.
Bought a new unit got me through it hope the healing can last.
Gotta keep walking down the new path that I'm on.
I've hit the reset the flashing screen it's gone.

There comes a time in life when you have to let go.
Of childish things so it seems have to let yourself grow.
But I still remember that day. Won't go away. Yeah.

I won't forget about that day. The day the Nintendo died.
You will get over it they say. The day the Nintendo died.
It's getting easier everyday. The day the Nintendo died.
It might be better off this way.